Wednesday, 1 June 2011

R18+ computer games makes sense. Support the new classifications. Fill in the survey.

This week the government announced the draft Guidelines for the Classification of Computer Games.  The government media release stated that "Extensive public consultation in 2010 on whether there should be an R18+ category for computer games revealed overwhelming support for its introduction."  The Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) will decide whether to approve an R18+ classification for games at their July meeting.

This is a call to arms! Support the R18+ classification.  Fill in the survey

Let's all get behind these sensible and mature changes to the classification of computer games. As TV, movies, websites and computer gaming all merge into one, there is no sense in discriminating.

As part of the engagement process, the Australian Government has released a survey to register your opinions to these new classifications. PLEASE FILL IN THE SURVEY HERE

Kudos to the Australian Sex Party for a committed campaign

The Australian Sex Party has run an excellent campaign to promote these changes to computer games classifications.  It was the only political party to campaign on these issues at the recent Federal and State elections.  Without parties such as the Australian Sex Party, there would be little debate on these issues.  Or worse, the loud voice of the Australian Christian Lobby would be heard over the voices of the many.

As the Attorneys General stated, there was overwhelming support for this change to the classification - yet the only political party to voice the thoughts of the majority was the Australian Sex Party.  This is democracy in operation.

The Australian Sex Party's media release on the new classifications can be accessed here.

Let me know what you think

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