Monday, 14 November 2011

Greece and Italy set to gain proper governments from the wreckage

No more bunga bunga capitalists. No more crazy socialists.

While Greece and Italy have been forced into dramatic political change, for the first time in many years, they are set to be led by men who will govern the country with less interest into popularity.  Lucas Papademos in Greece and Italy's most likely PM Mario Monti are "technocrats".  That's political speech for "they'll get on with managing the economy".

It takes a crisis to find a leader

Not every crisis produces leaders of quality.  But serious crises do create an urgent need for change, even more urgent than an election.  The paradigm changes.

The paradigms in Greece and Italy (and a number of other European countries) has been to continue to do the  same that's always been done, just because it's always been the way.  There's even been acknowledgment that things could be better, but there's been no political will to change.

Finally, like a company in crisis who calls in the administrators, the new managers will be expected to fix the mess.  They won't expected to be popular, they won't even be expected to consult widely.  They will be expected to get the job done.

Frankly, we need more focus from our world leaders on getting the job done, and less focus on 10 second voice grabs.

Lucas and Mario - please stick to your guns and fix the mess.  The people will respect you for it.

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Mark S

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