Monday, 21 January 2013

The truth will set you free, Lance?

Lance Armstrong is right that the truth will set you free, but what will it free him of?

No more money

First, it should free him of his money. All of it. We have a range of laws that require people to be recompensed for wrongs done against them and the list of those who have been wronged by Armstrong is very, very long.

As he is an American, those who have been wronged won't be bashful in suing him to get their rightful money back. By the time it is all finished, there shouldn't be any money left of his fraudulent wealth. 

Trust and relationships

The truth also sets him free of any trust he has in most of his close personal relationships. His children and family will never trust him.

It won't matter what he does or says or how long he does it for, that trust will never return.

Many of those relationships are gone forever. They will never return. He is free of them. 

Lance as you knew him is gone

Lance, you are still delusional if you think people will forgive you. If you want the truth to set you free, you need to let go of the entire lie that your life has been. 

That means not expecting anyone to forgive you. It means going to jail. It means accepting that you are not who you thought you were, and tried to show other people you were.

This really would set you free. If you leave the old fake person behind. 

It won't happen.

My bet is that most of this won't  happen. Lance won't tell the whole truth. Lance won't own up to his deceit to himself. Lance will keep trying to spin a story. Lance will never be set free. 

But I do hope he goes to jail. We need justice in our world for the rest of us to retain our trust. 

Let me know what you think?

Mark S

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