Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Clarification on affairs - if it's wrong, it's wrong - whether you find out or not

I have a clarification to yesterday's blog.

In yesterday's blog, I wrote...

Jenny and Fred are married. Jenny has an affair with George. Fred doesn't find out about it and notices no change in their marriage. Has Fred been hurt physically - no.  This action has not breached the harm test.

What if Fred does find out about it when he sees an expose on the television about his wife's affair? Jenny's action didn't change - there was no physical harm to Fred.  But what about emotional harm?

The blog then went on to explain that different couples have different attitudes towards extramarital relationships.

I never meant to convey that having a secret extramarital relationship is different to having a relationship when the other party finds out.  If the action would not be acceptable if it was learned about, it wouldn't be acceptable if they didn't find out.

Thank you for reading my blogs - please accept my apology for a badly written one.

Mark S

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