Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fair Work decision is a milestone for carers, and for a caring Australia

Fair Work Australia's determination that (mainly) female social and community workers have been grossly underpaid is a huge win for equality and fairness. 

In a recent speech, Cassandra Goldie from ACOSS explained the reluctance of these workers to press their claims for fair pay, as they were concerned that the money is required do those who they care for. For such caring individuals, society must care for them. 

Unfortunately, the horse trading has already begun regarding how and when these very fair pay increases will be funded. And it seems that the workers' fears are well founded - cuts may be on the agenda. 

The good news is the commitment from Assistant Treasurer, Bill Shorten on Q and A that the funds will be found in the budget.

As Anna Rose also mentioned on Q and A, our society must deliver on well-being. Decisions on fairness of pay are important milestones on this journey. 

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