Monday, 12 August 2013

Haven't they ever watched "The West Wing"?

Surely these two political leaders would be students of The West Wing. 

Surely they would have watched the presidential debate episode "Game On"

Surely they'd remember the moral of the story when Jeb Bartlett's wife Abbey cuts his tie in half moments before he goes on stage. To fire him up.

Surely they understand that passion matters in a debate!!

The misogyny poll bump

And weren't they there during PM Gillard's misogyny speech?

Of course they were there. It was fiery, passionate. You might even have said it was slightly out of control.

It generated a nearly 10 point bump for Labor in the polls as well.

Passion, fire, they work. Australians aren't stupid. We want to see the "real" Kevin Rudd and the "real" Tony Abbott.

Perversely, the hyper-controlled Abbott might just be the real thing; but this robotic Rudd?? No.

If you want us to pay attention, start believing in it - with passion. Last night was terrible :(

Let me know what you think

Mark S

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